Structural Style Bodywork

This technique approaches the body 'structurally'. Think building blocks, but with your bones, joints, muscles, and other connective tissues as the blocks.
Your therapist manipulates the body’s connective tissues through focused, sequential strokes to help repair physical misalignment in the joints and bones. This allows the body to heal itself naturally by bringing it back into proper alignment.
The best way I know how to explain structural body work is to imagine those same building blocks from pictures those stacked, layer after layer but with a cheerio under one half of the bottom block. The more layers you add the more unstable the structure becomes. This is the same in the body. If you injure your foot or stand funny, the upper portions and limbs of your body will now be like those upper blocks; misaligned, unstable, and usually in pain.

You will be asked to wear specific clothing to allow for proper technique and assist with structural viewing. The preferred clothing for men; loose fitting shorts or speedo. For women; a bikini (top and bottom) or loose fitting shorts and sports bra.

Due to the nature of structural style body work and it's required viewing clothes, your therapist will maintain the highest levels of professionalism to ensure your comfort while receiving this modality.