Our Treatments

We aim to offer you the best massage there is

Every massage is completely customizable to your body and needs. We offer a wide variety of modalities for every body giving you the chance to try something new with every visit.
Never had a massage before or don't know what you are looking for? Our trained therapists can help you with your individual needs.
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    The Signature 180°
    Our signature massage you can't get anywhere else! Throughout the session your therapist will focus on lengthening your tissues. Leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to conquer all of life's challenges.
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    Swedish Massage
    The most popular modality, uses light, long, flowing strokes working with the blood flow helping the heart to pump more efficiently improving circulation. The movements help elongate tissues, increase oxygen in the blood cells, and relax the body.
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    Deep Tissue
    Similar to a Swedish massage but focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia allowing the release of chronic muscle tension and detoxification. Deep tissue massage also help to break down scar tissue, lengthen muscles and help over use injures to heal.
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    Trigger Point
    Focuses on specific trigger points through the body using a method of pressure and release while you are instructed on a specific breathing technique, which helps relieve the pain being caused throughout the body. Benefits include; increased range of motion, tension relief, and great for chronic pain management.
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    Sports Massage
    Do you participate in regular physical activity? This might be the modality for you. Sports massage works with the body through stretching and a specific protocol of strokes to release toxins. It also lengthens the muscles and tissues and relaxes muscular tension. This modality keeps your body ready to perform at its optimal level. Sports massage is used in pre and post events.
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    Did you know that your feet have a map to the body on them? In this session, your therapist palpates specific points on your feet or hands to affect the different regions and organs of the body. Some of the benefits of reflexology are: increased energy, relief from sleep disturbances, stimulation of the central nervous system, deep state of relaxation and pain relief.
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    Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST)
    Want a deep relaxation through your entire body with a very light touch? CST may be for you. As a light touch modality, it focuses on the bones of the head, spine and sacrum causing you to fall into deep relaxation. This modality also includes the benefits of a deep tissue massage without the discomfort. Great for headaches, neck and back issues, and chronic pain. It not only increases the ability to focus, but also decreases stress.
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    Structural Style Bodywork
    This technique approaches the body 'structurally'. It manipulates the body’s connective tissues through focused, sequential strokes to help repair physical alignment. This allows the body to heal itself naturally. You will be asked to wear specific clothing to allow for proper technique and assist viewing.
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    Couples Massage
    In our couples room, two well-trained therapists will work on you and your partner giving you a customized massage. This means you and your loved one can relax together.
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    Our prenatal massage uses comfortable, prenatal pads that allow you to lay face-down while safely cushioning the baby. When face-up, the pads support the lower back and hips.
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    This is a massage where your therapist will customize your massage to fit the needs of your body. For example you are experiencing pain in your shoulders, but your legs just need a little attention. Your therapist will preform more Swedish massage on your legs, but a trigger point/deep tissue on your shoulders.
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    Chair Massage
    Have corporate meetings become boring? Employees having a hard staying focused at work? Chair massage might be your answer. Call today for corporate prices!
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    The Raindrop Technique®
    You may be familiar with Young Living’s Raindrop Technique®. Well we are happy to announce that Massage 180 will be adding this technique to our menu. This technique combines energy and massage approaches in one modality.
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    Hydrostone Massage
    This therapy uses the combination of hot Basalt stones and cool Marble stones to bring you into a deeper relaxation then a regular modality offers. (In the winter, the 180 staff removes the cool Marble unless requested)


Get the most out of your 180 experience and try one of our favorite add ons.

Hot Stone

Using the hot basalt stones helps release those hard to get sore spots and help you relax.
Aroma Therapy

Love essential oils? Then this is the add on for you! It uses our Butterfly Express Essential Oils in the massage and diffused in the room.
Intense Deep Tissue

A unique approach to deep tissue. This add on gets into the tight areas and cools it down with Biofreeze.
Sea Salt Scrub

Pamper your hands or feet with our Sea Salt Scrub Add on. This scrub is completely organic.