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We offer a 20% discount to Students, Military, Veterans and Public Service Personnel.

30 Minute Massage

60 Minute Massage

90 Minute Massage

120 Minute Massage

  • Great for those who need only one area of focused work, but don't have a lot of time.
  • Perfect for getting into main stressful areas.
  • For a general, full body massage or focusing on a more strained areas.
  • Ideal for relaxation.
  • Great for treating mild stress and tension.
  • Focuses on a specific area and also allows for a full body massage.
  • Perfect for persistant muscle tension, stress and pain.
  • Best for full body as well as relief from pain and stress to feel relaxed.
  • Ideal for chronic pain, stress and tension.


90 Minute Hydrostone

120 Minute Hydrostone

  • We place stone layouts on the back and chest, which helps ease tension and increase relaxation. Including a full body stone massage.
  • Great for stubborn muscle tension, stress and pain.

  • This session includes stone layouts on the back and chest. As well as a full body stone massage.
  • The extra 30 minutes allow for deeper relaxation of muscle tension and stress.
  • Ideal for chronic pain, stress and muscle tension.

Sea Salt Scrub

Aroma Therapy

Intense Deep Tissue

Hot Stone

  • For the last 10 minutes of your massage your therapist willl pamper your feet or hands with our organic Sea Salt Scrub.
  • Great for those who love having soft touchable skin.

  • You pick the essential oil used throughout your session, both with the massage and in the room difuser.
  • Best used to relieve excess pain and enhance relaxation.

  • Loosen specific areas of muscle pain through specialized strokes, finishing with Biofreeze.
  • Note: This technique is very intense and not everyone will find it comfortable.

  • The hot basalt stones are used in a specific area to ease tension and relieve pain.
  • Best used to relieve excess pain and enhance relaxation of the desired areas.